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My name is Alina Miglietta. I am a senior here at UMass Dartmouth majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. I am hoping to graduate in May of 2024 if I have calculated the schedule of my classes out right. I transferred from Hampshire College for financial reasons, but have been very pleased with the education I am receiving online just as much if not more here. 

I am looking forward to learning about Ecofeminism and the intersectionalty that it can provide to the bigger picture of life. I have taken other Women’s and Gender studies classes in the past, but nothing were I have set up my own personal blog posting website. I  think that’s a super innovative teaching method. 

The blog that caught my eye the most was Bitch Media. I like it because it’s a platform for discussions from many different people, about many different subjects such as, Sex, Abortions, Relationships, Life, Health etc. There are so many books, articles, stories, and movie reviews, about the way women experience different aspects in there lives, and why it’s important to push the boundaries of thinking about subjects that might not be getting the recognition they otherwise deserves.

Looking through the blog, there seems to be endless amount of articles that center around health for women, trans women, and the need for a more equitable system for all. However I would have gone with a different title. For me, I equate the word ‘bitch’ to mean any women who is less then. And so I was kind of irritated that this blog post had that title for such a robust model for women’s voices. It doesn’t work for me or my work, but I value the content highly. I can tell that it’s a useful portal for women’s voices.  

An environmental issues that has been brought to my attention by my local community in Upstate New York where I live is an issue about solar panels being installed across a large portion of land that belongs to a local farmer in the area. The Goal is to create more sustainable ways of producing energy for the community, but in return it would take away a very beautiful part of the community where a lot of people have enjoyed walking on the land, and being able to maintain a healthy, and large open area that surrounds the nearby houses, and community members. Not only this, but to install them would permanently  damage the soil that the solar panels would  be installed in, therefor destroying any chance at all for future vegetation or farming if needed. To my knowledge there hasn’t been anything set in stone. We are still trying to negotiate a way for the panels not to be installed and to save the surrounding land around the community, to maintain its beauty and preserve the valuable rich soil. When I hear of the next update I can post more information. Right now, I don’t have any pictures or public record. It’s a small community issue, that doesn’t draw media attention.  

My goal is to use this degree as a stepping stone to get into Nursing school. From there I can finish my second bachelors degree and become a labor and delivery nurse. From there I want to apply to graduate school to become a midwife! That is my scheduled trajectory as of now. I really want to be more involved in labor and delivery for women, and I love how this degree has already given me a really solid foundation to work with in terms of learning about how the feminist movement, and women are powerful forces in the lives of others all around the world, and for each other! 

Bitch Media 


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  1. Hi Alina – I enjoyed reading about your background and what you have planned for the future. Your educational and career ambitions are very admirable and exciting – I love hearing about people, women especially, better their life with more knowledge and working hard in the process. I’ve learned that the hard work you put in can teach you just as much as your education does.

    I applaud you for focusing on subjects that may not get much attention, but that certainly need to be discussed. If I had any advice it would be to try and find some alternate perspectives on the word ‘bitch’ and the history behind it. I don’t find it to be a derogatory term at all! I think it did mean that at one point, but I feel like it has been somewhat reclaimed over the years and even used as a point of pride for many women who speak their minds and stand up for themselves.

    Great job! Best of luck in the class!

  2. Hi Alina,

    It’s great to hear that you see the value in a Women’s & Gender Studies degree in relation to nursing and midwifery. As a WGS major, you will have the opportunity to bring a unique perspective and understanding of social justice issues to your practice. You will be able to advocate for your patients and ensure that their voices are heard in the birthing process.

    Regarding solar panel debate, it is a complex issue that requires balancing the need for sustainable energy production with the preservation of land and the environment. It is important to consider the potential impacts on local ecosystems, wildlife, and the communities that live near the proposed solar panel sites. It’s also important to consider the long-term effects of solar panel disposal and the potential for solar panel waste to become a problem. Finding sustainable solutions that will have a minimal impact on the environment while still meeting our energy needs is a crucial challenge that needs to be addressed.

    Best of luck this semester and on your academic journey!
    I look forward to our discussions!


  3. Hi Alina,

    I loved reading your blog! Your degree in Women’s & Gender Studies will be a great addition to your goal for nursing school. I’m a WGS major as well and believe that everyone, especially those entering the medical field, can benefit from WGS studies. I love that you are interested in becoming a midwife! The birthing process is incredible to be a part of and there is a need for social justice and equality in labor and delivery as the voices of many women often go unheard. I wish you all the best on your journey!

    It was interesting to read about the solar panel debate in your community. Where I live in a small town in Massachusetts, solar panel companies have already purchased a significant amount of farmland to place the panels on. One of them being right in my neighborhood. Your explanation about the harms that this can pose to our environment was great. I agree that we need to find sustainable ways to produce energy while preserving the land.

    Looking forward to reading your future blog posts!

    Kylie C.

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